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  • What is this about?
    It's about Hillary Clinton memes, and jokes, BIG TIME.
    Why Hillary Clinton?
    Because she is a highly respectable public figure and we all love her.
    Do you make all the memes?
    Yes, we come up with some of them, but others are on the interwebs as well.
    Why use imgur?
    Because it's awesome and so save on bandwidth.
    Do you think these memes are funny?
    Some of them probably, but most of them, no.
    Did you vote for Hillary Clinton?
    No. I wrote in Abraham Lincoln.
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  • I have a suggestion for a meme!
    You can contact us and enter the text you want in the message.
    Do you have a twitter?
    Yes, follow us on twitter @hcdotnet
  • Testimonials
  • Are the testimonials real?
    some are, mostly no
    Are the celebrity testimonials real?
    lol, no
    Do you accept real testimonials?
    Yeah sure, contact us with something good to say and we'll add you.
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  • Do you accept donations?
    Find out more on this page.
    I want to buy this site, is it for sale?
    Yeah sure, for like $69,000,000 you can own it.
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